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Andy Galli

Andrew Galli has more than 20 years of experience in outreach, organizing and communications to diverse communities and government officials on public policy, infrastructure, regulatory and environmental issues. He has held leadership positions in nonprofit organizations and government agencies where he developed campaign strategies for stakeholder education, community organizing and engagement. Galli currently serves as public outreach lead for the DC Water Clean Rivers Potomac River Tunnel Advanced Utility Construction and PRC CSO 025 & 026 Sewer Separation projects. Prior to that he was outreach coordinator for the DC Water Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project, Pepco’s Capital Grid Project and the Alexandra City Public Schools-The High School Project. 


As executive director of the Maryland affiliate of Clean Water Action from 2008 to 2015, he oversaw its growth and directed public policy engagement. Prior to that he served as executive director of Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition. Galli has represented nonprofits before government agencies and legislatures, and has served as a senior staff member for both the Rhode Island Attorney General and the Rhode Island Secretary of State.

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