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Madeeha Jauhar

Madeeha Jauhar has over 15 years of experience in the development and execution of strategic communications, community engagement, and public partnering strategies with an emphasis on policy issues and advocacy coalition building for major economic development programs and infrastructure improvement projects. Her areas of expertise include program and project management, public relations, strategic communications, stakeholder relations, event planning, and project key performance indicators and metrics.

Jauhar’s keen understanding of traditional and digital communications channels ensures a better understanding of client needs and actions and creates meaningful stakeholder dialogue and results. She provides strategic solutions to manage challenging projects and programs. Her success is driven by strategies that manage expectations, market and brand awareness, and build support for multi-faceted projects and programs with extensive public impact. She strategically builds consensus among diverse entities to create public outreach campaigns that build productive stakeholder relationships and create public support for the benefit of each client.

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