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Tee Haynes

Tijuana Haynes has over 20 years of experience serving neighborhood communities with an extensive record supporting the District Department of Transportation and DC Water projects. Her areas of expertise include community outreach,stakeholder coordination, public education, event management and graphic design. As public outreach manager for several DC Water and DDOT projects, Haynes managed Community Liaison Offices, implemented comprehensive public outreach and communication plans, and served as a liaison between the customer and client. She also lends her significant graphic design expertise to create project websites,digital and print collateral,location maps, and reports.


In addition to Haynes’ role as public outreach manager, she serves to develop new client relationships with development and infrastructure-focused contractors.She holds a Certificate of Completion in Graphic Design and Typography from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School. She holds a Certificate of Completion in Macromedia Dreamweaver I from EEI Communications and attended classes in Architectural Drafting at the Maryland Drafting Institute. Haynes' outreach and website designs have benefited a myriad of projects and entities throughout the Metropolitan region.

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